Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Fractal AI "recipe"

Now that the algorithm is public and people is trying to catch up, it can be of help -mainly to us- to have a simplistic schema of what it does, with no theories nor long formulae, nothing extra but the raw skeleton of the idea, so you can read it, get an idea, and go on with your life.

I will try to simplify it to the sweet point of becoming... almost smoke!

Ingredient list:

  1. A system you can -partially- inspect to know its actual state -or part of it- as a vector.
  2. A simulation you can ask "what will happen if system evolves from initial state X0 for a dt".
  3. A distance between two states, so our "state space" becomes a metric space.
  4. A number of "degree of freedom" the AI can push.

Thursday, 15 February 2018

Fractal AI goes public!

Today we are glad to announce that we are finally releasing the "Fractal AI" artificial intelligence framework to the public!

This first release includes:

We have modified Fractal AI a little so now it is more powerful than ever, in fact we have been able to beat a lot of the actual records (from state-of-the-art neural network like DQN or A3C) with about 1000 samples per strep (and remember, no learning, no adaptation to any game, same code for all of them).

We are specially proud of beating even some absolute human world records, but hey, it was going to happen anyhow!

This Ice Hockey game scored 64... one goal every 3 seconds or more! Human absolute record is 36, and previous AIs scored 10.5 the best, and I have an inmortal centipede running on my PC for a week, it is scoring 1,241,988 right now and has 6 extra lifes... human record is 1,301.000 and best AIs scored 25.000, so tomorrow I will kill the game if it is still alive.